History repeats itself.

Chong Wewah
1 min readMar 22, 2023

I’ve always said since high school that i want a group of friends where we grow together in every way and the outcome for all is always the same. Just when I thought i finally found a group that i can be myself, share everything with everyone, I end up being alone and the same thing happens every time. There’s always two sides to the story but everyone will only choose to listen to one side and i’m stranded alone on the other side. I can’t say i’m not affected by it but at this point, i’m used to it already.

Again, the same thing is gonna happen one day. The realisation of two sides to the story and by then, it will be too late. It could happen, and it might not. Either way, i’m grateful for those that are still in my life though i don’t really know who but i feel thankful regardless.

I will continue to rise with or without anyone by my side and i will always remember where i come from. I know myself more than anyone and it will always be that way. After all, I’m a human just like you, and I’m bound to make mistakes along the way. Life goes on. I will rise to the top again. Write soon.