Let’s go 2023?

Chong Wewah
1 min readJan 7

I just realized I started off this year with so much negative energy on the recent story and well, that’s my life HAHA. Crazy how time flies and here we are in a new year feeling pretty much the same (for me at least). This is for whoever needs it and whether you read from start to finish, I’ll know but I’ll never know who you are.

Life can be a rollercoaster ride sometimes maybe most of the time and it feels like the loop would just go on and on and on but trust me, with time, everything will become better. The ride doesn’t stop but you will feel better at some point and until then, stay strong! Know you’re never alone and you will always have someone wanting to be with you and make sure everything is okay even though you feel like you’re alone most of the time. It seems that way because of your emotion. Remember this, never let your emotions take over you. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel ❤.

Now go and show everyone that you’re you even if you’re weird. Be you, that’s the key point. Never back down from anything.