Physical fitness

Just like anybody else, I’ve always wanted to be fit. To be honest, I have no body goal to achieve as I just want to stay fit for the rest of my life. I’ve always had this mentality to be better than I was (physically). I love challenges and I love challenging myself to become better. Sports has always been my number 1 choice of entertainment and obviously the second would be music. When I was in primary, I was good at nothing but swimming. Now that I think of it, I don’t even know what I wanted to be good at (sportswise). Starting secondary, I joined the school football team just for my friends and from there, I just fell in love with football. At that time I was terrible! I couldn’t kick properly and I couldn’t control the ball at all. I went for training each week and I guess over time I improve bit by bit. One day I found out about the tournament that the team was gonna participate but I wasn’t chosen to participate (not even as a bencher). Obviously, that hurt me but again, I wasn’t good so it didn’t bother me much. I then found out that there was still extra space so I just took the chance to ask the coach if I could join. To my surprise, he actually agreed and I was all hyped up. I went to a few tournaments with the team and I could actually count the tournaments that I played in with my fingers (that’s how bad I was). I remember one tournament specifically. In that whole tournament, I only played 1 match for 5 minutes. Yes, that’s right, 5 minutes. Why?

Here’s why.

Being called by the coach to get ready to go in mid-match was like an adrenaline rush for me. All stretched up and I got in mid-match with my adrenaline rushing. My dumbass thought as a striker, I had to take care of ALL the positions from the defense, to midfield, and finally the front 3 (left-wing, striker, and right-wing). Wherever the ball was, I went for it. The coach had enough and surprise surprise, just like that, I’m out of the game. The tiredness took over my embarrassment so I didn’t feel like shit when I got called out. At that moment, all that was in my head was I felt like I did everything right not knowing that I was actually wrong. From that time onwards, I became the team’s waterboy. To be fair, I was pretty much on the bench and I for sure don’t feel tired so after each game, I thought it’d be a nice gesture for the team by bringing them water but nah, they mocked me instead. At first, it made me feel like shit but overtime, it doesn't bother me anymore.

I would say as of right now, I’m way better at football than I was. I’m not as good as any professional players, but I for sure know how to kick and control the ball now. The thing that bothers me most is no matter how much I appreciate my improvement, there are people who would still compare me to other people. What’s the point? Why compare me with other people? I don’t wanna compare myself with anyone at all. Not that I’m scared, but I just find it annoying. Yea good for you that you’re good at something, you don’t have to compare you and me. I’m good at something and you’re good at something, that’s a win-win for us. If it’s a team game, then that’d be different but again, we still don’t have to compare. If one of us isn’t good enough, I don’t think comparing or discouragement would help to improve one.



A journey in my life.

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