Released a song

Chong Wewah
2 min readFeb 27, 2023

My friend and I released a song yesterday called ‘Adulthood’ and it’s my first ever single. I’ve written a few of my own lyrics on existing songs, mainly Korean songs because it gives me a chance to write freely, especially when I don’t know what the lyrics mean unless I search it up. Apart from writing my own lyrics to existing songs, I’ve tried writing a song from scratch and the thing about me is I can’t remember the rhythm of it and eventually, the passion just fades away.

It wasn’t until long ago when I saw my friend posted his new single on his story and that struck me. That was something I’ve been wanting to achieve since high school, and I’m gonna make it happen. Texted him right away, planned on how we should work together, select a rhythm, beats, bass, and most importantly, what message do we want to convey.

Adulthood was the chosen one and the reason behind it is because 1, it suits the rhythm we chose, and 2, realizing that this dream of mine was something I’ve had since high school and though we can never turn back time, it’s never too late to chase your dream. This song is special for a few reasons and of course 1, it’s my first single, and 2, there were a few songs that inspired the way the song is structured. Eminem’s Walk on Water was one of the songs that inspired the structure of Adulthood. Anyway, I’m truly grateful for this dream and the opportunity to finally make my dream come true. It definitely inspired me to write more and not let this dream of mine fade again. Write soon!

Here’s the link to Adulthood!