Chong Wewah
1 min readFeb 18, 2023

I’ve been thinking of doing things i used to do back then and it include swimming and writing songs specifically. I was on my way back home yesterday when i suddenly thought of swimming. It has been in my mind for quite some time and yesterday was when i decided to finally do it than wait.

Went to the nearest mall just to buy the things i need and i could only think of swimming. Got home just to find out that the pool was closed for cleaning so it kinda bothered me for a bit. There was a sign saying it’s closed for cleaning but nobody was around so i went to the guardhouse to ask if i could swim and they said i can only start swimming at 6:30. Fine.

Went home and changed to my swimming trunk. As i was waiting, i did a bit of research on swimming workout just so i can do when i’m not at the gym. It was around 6:34 when the guards took out the tape around the pool and that’s when i went down. The sky was a little gloomy but that’s not gonna stop me from doing something i’ve been thinking.

Surprisingly the whole swim took almost an hour even though i only aimed to swim for half an hour. It was a great workout though, just gotta work on my endurance. Definitely was something i don’t regret doing again, and will continue doing for as long as possible. That’s probably it. Write soon!