Wrote a song

Chong Wewah
1 min readFeb 14, 2023

One of my friends released his debut song 3 days ago and I immediately texted him about writing a song together. He’s more into rap and that’s when I thought we could work on something together. I’ve always had the thought to write my own song cause well, I get to express my feelings, and I guess that’s when things can get personal.

We started discussing more and got an app where we could do the collaboration together. Chose a sample that we both agreed on, and that’s when we worked on our own parts. The song is called ‘Adulthood’. Initially, I wanted a love song but a song about us growing older works too. I kinda like the song’s structure because I was inspired by one of Eminem’s songs (Walk On Water) which he collaborated with Beyonce and I just love the way the song goes.

Though I’m only singing the hook part, I still had fun expressing my feelings in it. Pretty excited to work more on writing songs. Definitely bringing back the old hobby! Write soon!